Peace process through literature

Peace and literature
Photo Peace process through literature

It is fairly easy nowadays to have access to literature thanks to the internet. You do not necessarily have to go to a library to have access to high-quality works. Likewise, literature on peace is equally accessible to everyone nowadays. But how do we proceed to peace through literature?

What is the role of literature in peacekeeping?

Literature helps humanity to understand peace

Each individual has a very subjective definition of “peace”. Through the help of the numerous books on peacekeeping effort, or through quotes and proverbs written about it, everyone can know how great writers viewed peace. It is fascinating to imagine that, in spite of the revolution and the development of the world, writers could always manage to greatly influence on people's attitudes and actions.

The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, also has his fervent disciples who trust in him. Obviously, literature impacts a lot on people's mindset. Moreover, it is common knowledge that people read to attain peace.

Literature helps those who are in quest for peace

Literature has many functions in our daily life; so, it is typical to refer to it to justify or support some ideas. It has the same role within the context of peace. It acts as a guide for humans to find the way to peace. It can help promote peace in spite of some obstacles. Literature often provides an example to its readers, and it is common to read about people who share their experiences and witness about how they managed to find inner peace.

Thanks to the evidence given by the witnesses, the literature readers can inspire from them or take similar courses of action to attain mind tranquility. Prem Rawat has also become a model for those who are in search for inner peace.

Literature is the source of peace

Many decades ago, nobody knew what peace is. It has been told many times that our ancestors had been strongly involved in war and violence before they knew about peace. However, when the writers became illuminated and started to talk about peace, other people have equally followed in their steps.

That quest has even become global in today's world. The best way to transmit the love for peace is through the books which have been written by the wise and the erudite. Without literature, the world could have still remained in violence and intolerance.

Peacekeeping does not depend on anything else but literature

Fortunately, at no other time have authors written in their work that the world could run without peace. Furthermore, literature has been used in agreements and diplomacy for sustainable peacekeeping efforts. Much attention is taken when those documents are written so as to avoid any misinterpretation, or to make sure that the message gets through its recipient in time.

A single word or a single phrase may change a whole community or a nation for the worse, if the message is not carefully worded by its writer. That explains why we need to proceed exclusively through literature to establish peace. It would be difficult to maintain peace if literature were not available for its promote.