Literature: Focus on books which talk about peace

Photo Literature: Focus on books which talk about peace

Each individual has his own notion of peace. In fact, they get their own definition from what writers think, or from what writers transmit in their books. They have their own ideas and their perceptions about their definition of peace. Let us have a look at some books which talk about peace.

The Dalaï-Lama's book of love and compassion

This is not obviously his first book. Among those ledgers, this must be the one that is more personal to him. Compassion has always been Dalaï-Lama's priority. Until now, this characteristic has always been at the heart of his reflections and his route to wisdom.

In this journal, this Tibetan spiritual leader lectures about the road to freedom. It is all about the acceptance of other people as human beings, who feel desire and love. This agreement also leads each individual to carry out an action for the welfare of the others. It puts forward a way to attain perfection, in other words, inner peace, which has been preached by Prem Rawat.

Finding peace by Jean Vanier

This author is conscious about the fact that we live on the Earth is looking peace. Everyone's main goal is to reach and live in serenity. Inside this book, he explains his notion of peace from his point of view. He asks readers to think about the definition of peace and consider if peace is merely the absence of war. In this book, he explains the reasons for war and proposes some solutions to avoid it. He also leads us on the best way to go if we want to become a peace craftsman.

As far as the book's main theme is concerned, the future of the entire globe is on everyone's hand. He probably wants people to know that everything begins with each individual's inner peace, as Prem Rawat always says.

Peace by Wendi Anderson Halperin

From this novelist's opinion, in order to establish peace in the world, it is essential that it first has a place in our heart. We can consider this book as the peace anthem. The main advantage of this book is that it allows children to know the value of respect, love and goodness, which are the main root of mind tranquility.

According to this novel, she wants to share that after accomplishing good deeds, the path to peace is clearly defined in front of us and this allow us to feel joy in our daily life. For her, we build peace around us. Reading this book is a great beginning for those who want to act for peace. It informs us about how to resolve conflicts, racism and how to say no to violence.

On non-violence by Mahatma Gandhi

This book is not only designed for the saints and the wise men; but it is also dedicated to anyone who needs to find the way to non-violence. From this writer's point of view, pacification is the law of our species, but tumult is the law of the bullies. This book highlights that the brutes only know the law of the use of force.

Nonetheless, we still need a greater law which is the power of the spirit. This wise man is the first who has written about the principles of non-violence at the individual level, and at the social and political levels.